Our customers

Who is TelServ?

Over the years TelServ has built up an outstanding expertise in accessibility and multichannel solutions. Various clients have led the way for you. Solutions are offered to different types of companies, from one-man businesses to multinationals. Although we realize that price is an important factor, quality should not be secondary to that. Keen prices together with good quality, adapted to the needs within your organization, are the starting points for a proper solution.

Why TelServ?

TelServ looks through the eyes of the customer with the expertise that our team has gained over many years. The solution we seek for you is aimed at using minimal resources to achieve maximum results. The relations with our customers are based on a long term relationship. In our opinion such a relationship is only to be achieved if there is an optimal win-win situation and a customer-oriented service.

Who is Telserv for?

The services that TelServ supplies are ideally suited for companies that:

  • want to optimise their accessibility
  • want more efficient customer contact
  • want to interactively communicate with their target audience
  • want to communicate through multiple channels
  • etc

The TelServ team advises you in such a way that you are able to obtain optimal results from your customer contact.

TelServ is registered at the OPTA ( registration number 941614).